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Weeks 13-14: Reflection

It’s easy to think about reflection as a process of looking backward. Something close to “review.” But as we know from our studies of storytelling this semester, we can also create something new in order to think about what’s come before.

For this final, reflection assignment, please apply your learning from this class to a current or future project from outside of class. Rather than tell us about this application, put us right in the middle of it (storytelling!) by showing how you’ll apply this learning. For teachers, this might mean creating a lesson plan that involves (digital) storytelling. For parents, it might mean taking up a storytelling practice with your kids and recording a story together. Other professionals might try to find a different perspective on a current project by narrating it in the form of a story, where stakeholders become characters and outcomes become multiple endings.

What will you do with what we have done this semester?

Please post your reflection as a blog post to this site. Your reflection may be text-based or include other tools — just be sure to link from your blog post.

Deadline: Friday, May 1


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  1. Brandy Pedersen

    This course has really inspired me – so much that I am going to use what I have learned to create a digital storytelling project for my Master’s program. I am thinking I might use Google Earth, although I would like to use something VR-based too. I’m haven’t quite figured out all of the details just yet, but I would like to compile individual experiences or stories based upon either a historical event in time or a physical place. The stories will include text, video, audio or images the storyteller feels best reflects their personal story. Then, when people access those stories digitally, they can get multiple perspectives of that particular time or place. This will create a sort of shared experience and a sense of community. I’ve considered including some way for the user to then post their own reactions, but that might be too much. Either way, I’m really excited about this project! Also, I have a nine-year-old that loves technology. I am hoping he can work with me and that it will be a fun challenge for him, as well as a good bonding experience we can share between mother and son.

    In addition to ideas for my Master’s project, learning about the different types of platforms out there has me wanting to explore. For example, I never really got into podcasts — they came out when I was a little older and didn’t really have time to check them out. There is a lot of conversation and storytelling going on that I have been missing! I would like to use podcasts at story time when I’m too tired to read anything. We can just sit and listen together. I would also like to explore some for myself to listen to in the mornings while I drink my coffee. It brings back fond memories of the storybook records I listened to as a child. Looking forward to podcasts and more!

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