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Week 11: Play + Share

In Lifelong Kindergarten, Resnick discusses play and playfulness, borrowing from John Dewey to explain that play is an activity while playfulness is an attitude. It’s the playful attitude that is essential for learning. A playful attitude values experimentation, risk-taking, and out-of-this-world thinking; it approaches the world ready to make something new of everything it’s given. This week, we will bring playful attitudes to sharing and responding to our work on post-pandemic learning.


  1. Please read and respond to your classmates’ posts on post-pandemic learning. Find Melissa’s post here, Deni’s here, and Bethany’s here. Adopt a playful attitude in your response. How could this vision be expanded? Could you examine it from another perspective (student, parent, community member …) and find new opportunities? How does this vision map to your experience as a teacher and learner? When you imagine this future in your school, where does it take you? Post your response as a comment below the WordPress post.
  2. Please read and respond to your classmates’ projects / plans for using digital storytelling to help achieve their imagined future. All the project posts can be found here. Again, come to this activity playfully and share a response that helps your classmate see their work in new ways. When you walk through this planned activity, where do you stumble and where do you find delight? Where do you see opportunities to invite more creativity? How do you understand the connection between this activity and its vision for post-pandemic learning? What questions do you have? What suggestions can you make? Next week, we’ll continue working on these plans, so your ideas may be put to immediate use! Post your response as a comment below the WordPress post.


Due Monday, April 12 by 8pm

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