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Week 8: Travel Blog

How does being digital enable new aspects of storytelling?

  • Bryan Alexander, The New Digital Storytelling

For your second post to our travel blog, please respond to the question above. Consider our explorations over the last 3 weeks of history, interactivity and social aspects of digital storytelling. How does being digital enable new aspects of storytelling?

Note that this question is not asking WHAT new aspects of storytelling emerge, but rather HOW they are enabled. What’s driving this newness? What mechanisms or dynamics are making it possible? The question assumes that being digital enables new aspects of storytelling — do you want to challenge that premise?

There’s not one right answer to this question. Choose a direction, make a claim (support it with references), and explore it for and with readers of this blog as your audience. Review the Self-Assessment form before you get started so that you are sure to meet all requirements.

Here is the twist: You may not answer this question without incorporating some digital storytelling of your own! This is meant to encourage you to experiment with tools for digital storytelling (i.e. no pressure to create something extremely polished). You may choose to deliver the entirety of your response using a digital storytelling tool, or you may choose to integrate some smaller digital stories within a text-based response.

For suggestions of tools you might use for your digital storytelling, see the resources on UAF’s Digital Storytelling website. Be sure to check in on Slack and share what you’re working with — it will be helpful to all of us to hear what tools are most compelling!

We will assess these posts together. Please use this form to submit the post and self-assess your process.

DUE: Monday, 3/8 by 8pm