We’ll split our road trip into 3 major sections, each of which has as its destination both an actual place and a question. “Destinations” work in this class the way that “units” or “modules” might in another — they provide an organizational structure to how we’re moving through our work together.

We’ll start with the question: Why do we tell stories? That part of the trip will take us ~3 weeks.

We’re driven to our second destination by the question: How does being digital enable new aspects of storytelling? (thanks, Bryan Alexander, for posing this question). The place that this questioning leads us to is still undetermined — we’ll decide together where to head next.

Last, we’ll spend the longer, third leg of our trip focused on community and learning, asking: What are some possible futures for education?

Check out our full itinerary (color-coded and everything!) here. Or, if you think in maps, not tables, check out our collaborative mapping project.