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Weeks 13 + 14: Reflect

This is likely the last time that ED-677: Digital Storytelling will be offered at UAF, as the program (ONID) of which it is a part has been discontinued. This website will remain, though it will not get as much use as the more practically focused UAF Digital Storytelling site.

For our final reflection in this class, please browse back through the course and choose one topic (the focus of a single week, or a theme that bridged multiple) and create a digital story that explains this topic to viewers of the other site. These viewers are new to digital storytelling and are likely trying to use it in their UAF courses — either as teachers or students. What could you teach them about digital storytelling to give their experience with it more meaning? What will it take for you to teach this as a story? Will you have characters? Conflict? What’s possible here?

Please use a new (to you — i.e. not Adobe Spark) tool to present this digital story. You can find options on the Digital Storytelling site — scroll to the bottom of this page. Could you get creative with a timeline? A map? Something interactive? You should be able to explain why you chose the topic you did, as well as why the tool was the appropriate pairing.

Once you’ve completed your story, please submit it using this form. With your permission, the stories you create will be posted to the UAF digital storytelling website under a new “Learning” section. The form will also give you the chance to share your digital storytelling classroom project in the “For Teachers” section of the website.

Due by 8pm on Friday, April 30th.


Thank you for your thoughtful contributions and creativity this semester. We’re closing out on a LONG school year for teachers and students alike — and you all, as both teachers and students, have not had it easy. I know it took extraordinary effort to juggle your studies on top of everything else this semester, and I appreciate all that you’ve put in. Keep in touch  — I’d love to hear about your storytelling adventures going forward!


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