cat looking into the mirror and seeing a reflection of a lion.

Week 12: Reflect + Imagine

Welcome to our final week with our futures projects. We’re coming back around in Resnick’s “creative learning” spiral to reflection and launching again into imagination. While most of you haven’t been able to put your digital storytelling plans into action yet, you have had the chance to share them with your peers here and get some valuable feedback. We will lean on this feedback and each other to continue our journey in the learning spiral.


Please read your peers’ responses to both of your posts. Many of you responded to threads in the comments section — great! For this assignment, you’ll take that feedback into account via revision (or re-imagination).

Please create a new post that combines your vision and your digital storytelling assignment, incorporating changes inspired by your peers’ feedback and your own reflection. You may have headings to separate the two sections, but even better if you can integrate them. How do your vision and action connect? As always, I encourage you to incorporate non-textual elements here in the spirit of digital storytelling.

Please mark your post with the “Projects” category, so that it will show up here.


Due Monday, April 19 by 8pm

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