Reflection Time!

When thinking about how to use digital storytelling in the future, I ended up thinking about how I could use it with my daughter.   Auri loves YouTube, even though she’s only two and she really probably shouldn’t be spending too much time there.   However, she has a few videos that are her favorite and that she always asks for, so I was trying to think of a way that I could have these videos for her to watch without too much worry of her being on YouTube.   Normally I just download the videos she loves and put them on my phone or the tablet so that she can just watch them without being able to follow links to possibly inappropriate content. But after going through this class I began to wonder what tools I could use to create something fun for Auri, which made me decide to try to create an Image Hotspot page on H5P for her.

Auri has two little figures of Grover and Ernie that she sleeps with every night, so I decided that the background image should be of those two characters. After that I told Auri that she and I could go on YouTube and watch some videos together. I let her pick out some videos and took a note of the ones I could stand to watch again and again, since that’s what toddlers love to do. After choosing some of the ones she seemed to love I made a few hotspots on the image that would stick out so that Auri would know where to click to pull up a fun video for her to watch.

I pulled up the website on the tablet she is allowed to play with, and she had fun hitting the buttons and pulling up videos to watch, but it didn’t keep her attention for as long as I had hoped. It was also at this point that I found out that once the videos are over, related videos still pop up to choose from, which does not solve my issue of Auri ending up stumbling upon something I would rather her not see. I think I may keep this idea though, since H5P allows us to download the content we create, I may see if there is a way I can put just the regular videos without being linked from videos into the hotspots. At the end of the day, it may be easier to keep with what I’ve been doing of just downloading videos and putting them on the tablet, but it was fun making this for her and picking out fun videos together.