Reflection Time!

When thinking about how to use digital storytelling in the future, I ended up thinking about how I could use it with my daughter.   Auri loves YouTube, even though she’s only two and she really probably shouldn’t be spending too much time there.   However, she has a few videos that are her favorite […]


The Importance of Interactivity

I thought it seemed rather obvious that digital storytelling adds something to storytelling, but I struggled in finding the words to describe how those additions came to be.   I think my first issue in figuring out this question was differentiating digital storytelling from regular storytelling.   At first, I thought it was obvious. If […]


The Worst Story Ever Told

Brian’s Horrible No Good Story In the Spring of 2015 I went on a week long road trip with some of my college buddies to a literature conference a couple states away.   About halfway through the road trip, when the novelty of being with friends twenty-four hours a day had begun to wear off, […]