Interview with Kat Geuea

Kat’s story really impacted me as I thought it was so realistic. It definitely had me thinking that Alaska because of its isolation is pretty safe from epidemics, such as the current Measles breakout in the lower 48. So I thought  about how interesting Kat’s plot and was glad I got to interview her. I was curious as to how she created this, so questions revolved around the creation process. Kat is a right brain kind of person which is evident in her highlighting the importance of teaching arts and culture in her story. Also,  the use of quotes throughout. Something she spoke of in the interview was of how many times she had gone through the revision process, which is why I think her book was so captivating. Revision is so essential and Kat’s book is proof of how strong a piece can be after ongoing revision.

Interview here  and below: