These questions are hard for me because unlike all of you, I have yet to be a teacher. I’ve been a paraprofessional and I’ve been a teachers assistant in college, but I don’t have the same qualifications. I’m on my own road trip beginnings. It’s hard because even though I have this degree, many jobs […]


Interview with Kat Geuea

Kat’s story really impacted me as I thought it was so realistic. It definitely had me thinking that Alaska because of its isolation is pretty safe from epidemics, such as the current Measles breakout in the lower 48. So I thought  about how interesting Kat’s plot and was glad I got to interview her. I […]


Digital Storytelling (+ or -) ?

Leads in a way Usually in regular storytelling without media, our imagination takes over. We picture and translate words into our very own characters and locations. So we might even misinterpret the surrounding the author was envisioning. With media, the author can depict exactly where and what they want the reader to see. Which can […]