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Week 6: Game-based Stories

One opportunity afforded by putting the digital in storytelling is to distribute a story widely while maintaining interactivity. This week, we explore interactivity as game-based stories created for the web. Interactivity has long been central to storytelling — the audience doesn’t sit passively, but engages with the story and performer. What does this mean online? What’s gained? What’s lost? What’s new?


Read + Chat

Never Alone game ($4.99 in App form, $14.99 on gaming platforms) *expect to dedicate at least 3 hours to playing this game this week*

Rebuilding Haiti, The Pixel Hunt РFlorent Maurin, Jean Abbiateci, Pierre Morel, Perceval Barrier, Dotify РGilles Boisson & Jonathan Fallon, B̩r̩nice Froger

“Gaming: Storytelling on a Small Scale” (The New Digital Storytelling, ch 6) by Bryan Alexander

“Video Games are Better Without Stories” by Ian Bogost in The Atlantic

[optional] “The evolution of video games as a storytelling medium, and the role of narrative in modern games” by Chris Stone

Daily Create

Complete and post on Twitter at least 4 “Daily Creates” this week.

More about the Daily Create practice here.


Revise your Travel Blog post on “What does a story need to be good?” Take into account comments from your peers as well as our discussion during conferences.

Now that you have read your peers’ blog posts, how do you see these 7 ideas relating to each other? How are your ideas connected to the others? Please link within your revised post to at least 2 other posts. This may mean you quote a peer and link the reference, suggest further reading, or do something more creative. How would you help a reader navigate between these posts?

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