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We Did Not Listen – An Interview by Kat Geuea

Rebecca Williams used Adobe Spark’s   web page option to create a wonderful story about the future of education in Alaska.   In our interview, I was first of all interested in the inspiration for her story.   She was invested in this story because of two real-life situations: according to Rebecca, “Budget cuts are changing how we do business in schools; and, her students mean a lot to her (especially the real student she based her fictional student upon). I was also interested in her initial search words because I did a similar subject for my story.   She says she searched, “climate change and education,” and “climate change and the elderly.” I searched “apocalypse and education.”   Finally, I was interested in what real-life budget solutions she has been hearing about.   I like the idea of maintaining all programs by “cutting the same percentage from everyone” and will have to do some research on “place-based education.”   Please check out her story and the video I created of our interview below.

We Did Not Listen (Story)

The Interview