Digital Storytelling: What is it good for?

DST What is it good for?

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  1. Kendell Newman

    What an excellent use of the Spark tool to tell an engaging and wide-reaching story! You take a descriptive approach to answering your own question (“What is it good for?”) by featuring work from classmates as ways of putting some bounds around your understanding of digital storytelling. You joke in your acknowledgements that you “blatantly plagiarized” the work, but I read this as reverential reference (we will also talk more about Creative Commons licensing to avoid actual plagiarism). I LOVED seeing so much of our classwork in your story!

    I appreciate that you speak directly to digital storytelling in education. I hear you positioning digital storytelling as a kind of bridge between many things — between a student’s intellectual and emotional worlds (to the extent those are separate), as well as between students with each other. Is there anything particular about the digital piece that enables this — or could the same be accomplished with other forms of storytelling?

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