Fostering Storytelling ideas going forth!

Fostering storytelling identities in my students will begin in my seventh-grade classroom with a lesson very similar to our narrative assignment that needed to have voiceovers.  I feel that about a third of my students or so come to my class with some background in iMovie, but do not have much exposure to narration and […]


Digital storytelling is not History

After completing this course, I am incredibly excited to use some of the tools and skills that I have learned in my classroom. One of the biggest challenges I have with implementing a new online tool in my class is that I often don’t have a lot of extra time to teach the students how […]


time line introduction

In the year 2019, the world had about 7 billion people in it. That means that every second, 5 people are born. Concurrently, every two seconds two people die. So, if I calculate correctly, we are adding three people to the world every single second. How do we keep up with these demands? What is […]