Have you ever tried to cancel “Show-and-Tell’ in an elementary classroom? If you have, you’ll understand when I say, all students have stories to tell, and most students LOVE to tell them. It’s truly one of the highlights of the week for some students. Taking this enthusiasm for story telling and transferring it to the […]


The Newly Released Photo Essay

Is a digital story just a new and improved photo essay? Yes and No! While creating my digital personal narrative, I was struck by how similar it was to creating a photo essay. I’m a person who prefers to communicate in text rather than images. Give me a topic and I’ll write about it. Ask […]


Every Footstep Leads to a Story

This is the story of my stories on Wednesday. Will I be able to find the connecting arc? What do I mean by “story”… 8:00 AM Surprise!- “Our estimate is $435 to see if we can find out what’s wrong with your dog. How much are you willing to pay to save her?” My husband […]