Digital storytelling is not History

After completing this course, I am incredibly excited to use some of the tools and skills that I have learned in my classroom. One of the biggest challenges I have with implementing a new online tool in my class is that I often don’t have a lot of extra time to teach the students how […]


The Beginning of Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling is a form of storytelling that is still only in the beginning stages of its potential development and uses in education. Digital storytelling is not a new concept; however, as technology becomes even more widely accessible in our current world the growth of digital storytelling will continue to expand and evolve in all […]


Erika’s Travel Blog on Connections in Storytelling

Over the first few weeks of this course, I have realized how important storytelling is to our daily lives. The more we read, discussed and looked into storytelling I kept focusing on how storytelling is used to form connections. People often connect to others by using their own stories and experiences. This reminded me of […]