Fostering Storytelling ideas going forth!

Fostering storytelling identities in my students will begin in my seventh-grade classroom with a lesson very similar to our narrative assignment that needed to have voiceovers.   I feel that about a third of my students or so come to my class with some background in iMovie, but do not have much exposure to narration […]


Interview with Deana Waters

Since, we do not meet regularly and we have busy schedules especially this time of year, I opted to do a google form for my interview with Deana.   (Thanks for the suggestion Rebecca Williams.) .   I have trimmed the interview down to the questions that elicited the most interesting responses.      


Chris’s Travel Blog

My view on the story telling journey so far: What keeps an audience engaged? One of my classmates, Deana Waters wrote, “When I was a practicing paralegal, the attorney and I would develop a theme, or a story, to follow in presenting evidence to a jury.’   Her comment was based off our reading by […]