Week 11: Play + Share

In Lifelong Kindergarten, Resnick discusses play and playfulness, borrowing from John Dewey to explain that play is an activity while playfulness is an attitude. It’s the playful attitude that is essential for learning. A playful attitude values experimentation, risk-taking, and out-of-this-world thinking; it approaches the world ready to make something new of everything it’s given. […]


Digital Lesson Plan Based on The Great Gatsby (Project 1)

The link to the Google Doc may work better   Lesson Plan Template Name: Bethany Bean Date: 4/5/21        Grade Level(s): 11-12 Subject Area:  Modern American Literature Duration: 88 Min Lesson Title: Asynchronous Digital Character Analysis Essay based on The Great Gatsby. Overview: The students read and annotated The Great Gatsby. They have […]


Bethany Travel Blog 4.5.21

As an English Language Arts (ELA) secondary educator, one aspect that I hope is taken into the future of education is the use of Google Classroom (or a similar tool that offers similar features). Overall, Google Classroom is an easy tool to navigate in terms of organization, keeping track of assignments, and editing student work. […]