Weeks 9-12: Pandemic Prompts

Our semester is changing because our context is changing. Please watch the above video for details.

Instead of a major project, each of you will create 4 smaller digital stories, using prompts that are being shared in various places across the state. The “Pandemic Prompts” and the digital storytelling tools you’ll use to make them are in this Google doc. Feel free to leave comments in the doc, and definitely use our Slack team as you work through these.

You can do these prompts in any order and you can submit them weekly on Mondays or periodically, as you are able. All of them are due by April 20th. My goal is to give you feedback on each story within 48 hours of you submitting it — this way you can build off of the feedback as you go.

Note that the prompts are meant to be generative. Do not respond to every question or suggested activity, but use them as a launching point to tell a story that feels relevant to you right now.

Submit your stories anytime using this form. Please also post your stories in the #pandemic-prompts channel in Slack so that we can all learn together.

I am here and I’m a resource. Get in touch via email, Slack, or phone for whatever you need.

Again, the links you need are:

  1. Pandemic Prompts
  2. Submission/Self-Assessment form

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