Rainbow in a field with mountains behind. Grand Teton National Park.

Story, WY

We have arrived … ish. Road trips can be exhausting — there’s a lot to take in and the constant flow + newness of it all is a lot to process. For that reason, we’re taking a rest in Story, WY this week. And while we rest, we reflect. What’s caught (and kept?) your attention over the last few weeks? What questions are you still mulling over? What’s worth asking about Story(telling)?

It wouldn’t be a rest week if we didn’t break from our pattern. This week, we’ve just got two things on the itinerary:


We have a travel blog, and no posts yet! This week, please create a blog post that explores one/some of the question(s) that you’ve been asking on our way to Story. Read the full assignment here.

To create your post, login to this website via this link, or the “Login” link on the sidebar (use your UA ID credentials — same ID + password as for email, etc). Create a new post, categorize it as “Travel Blog”, and publish! If you need more help with WordPress, check out this help page, or use the #help channel in Slack


We didn’t come to Story, WY for nothing … or did we? Take some time to EXPLORE this place. I recommend using Google Maps’ “Streetview” feature to actually walk around town.You may also want to stroll around the internet (wikipedia? Google search? Historical archives??) for more about Story, WY. As you stroll, stay curious. Are there stories here? Should we stick around for a while? Or should we go? If you find/learn anything good, mark it on our Map using the new layer, “Story, WY” and/or share in the #sightseeing channel in Slack.

On Sunday, 2/17 starting at 9am, I’ll launch a poll in Slack that asks: Should we stay or should we go? You’ll have until 5pm to respond to the poll, and from there we’ll plan the next leg of our trip together. While we don’t have a trip itinerary for this leg of the trip yet, I can tell you that we’ll bring more theory + practice of technology into our conversations around storytelling. We’ll be asking, “How does being digital enable new aspects of storytelling?” (Bryan Alexander in The New Digital Storytelling). We’ll read and make digital stories of our own. If we decide not to stick around Story, where to next? Use the #sightseeing channel to throw out your ideas, propose itineraries, etc.

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