Chris’s Travel Blog

My view on the story telling journey so far: What keeps an audience engaged? One of my classmates, Deana Waters wrote, “When I was a practicing paralegal, the attorney and I would develop a theme, or a story, to follow in presenting evidence to a jury.’   Her comment was based off our reading by […]


Every Footstep Leads to a Story

This is the story of my stories on Wednesday. Will I be able to find the connecting arc? What do I mean by “story”… 8:00 AM Surprise!- “Our estimate is $435 to see if we can find out what’s wrong with your dog. How much are you willing to pay to save her?” My husband […]


Erika’s Travel Blog on Connections in Storytelling

Over the first few weeks of this course, I have realized how important storytelling is to our daily lives. The more we read, discussed and looked into storytelling I kept focusing on how storytelling is used to form connections. People often connect to others by using their own stories and experiences. This reminded me of […]