Destination: Next

Everyone in this class is a teacher and a student. Everyone in this class is a storyteller and a listener. For most of our time together, you’ve been asked to occupy the positions of student and storyteller, with less emphasis on teaching and listening.

Please write a 500-word Travel Blog post on how you will move from the position of student/storyteller of Digital Storytelling to that of teacher/listener. What’s your next stop, once we park the road trip van? What will you do, if anything, with what you’ve learned here in your own classroom? How will you foster storytelling identities in your students? How will you listen (i.e. respond? assess?)? What’s worth sharing with your students and here, on the Travel Blog, with future ED-677 students?

You may choose to share this plan in a variety of forms. Perhaps you want to create a lesson plan or assignment to use in your classroom next year. You might simply share a narrative reflection. Maybe you have one last digital story left in you?

Due: May 4, 2019

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